Zion Turgeman’s services

Sales & Marketing

Our sales department is responsible to maximize the sale of products taking into consideration the sale ability of each point of sale . These days part of the marketing networks is using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In addition to the use of EDI our sales agents control the orders and make sure the products will get to their destination and that it will be accessible for sale. Our marketing department consists highly skilled and professional sales agents, together with a trained administration department.

Head of marketing and sales department is Meir Turgeman. Head of marketing and sales department is Meir Turgeman.

Private Labels

During the recent years the Private Label of the chains became a significant part of the supermarkets shelfs and became stronger even more than other familiar and veteran products. This trend is not temporary and it is getting stronger every year mainly because of the good quality of the products of the private label. Zion Turgeman Ltd. specializes in initiating private labels to the retail chains, taking in to consideration the need of the chain and the compatibility between a high quality manufacturer and the products. We invite you to enjoy the variety of private labels in our photo gallery.

ציון תורגמן מחסנים

Storage & Distribution

The logistics center of Zion Turgeman Ltd. is located close to the settlement of Shaked, near the city of Harish, close to major transportation routes Route 6, Route 65, Route 4.
The logistic center is the heart of the storage and distribution system managed by inventory management true the company’s computer system. Out of the logistic center the products are being sent out true out the country using the company’s trucks.

The logistic center is managed by a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and true strict working processes that help maximizing the benefit within the distributing chain. Activity like receiving merchandise, storage, compilation and distributing are all being done by the computer system and are being supervised in a continuous matter kipping the flow of information and full supervision of the working process. Zion Turgeman Ltd. runs it’s inventory in a First FEFO (First Expired First Out) that enables us to bring the freshest products to the shelfs , all for the satisfaction of the costumer.

Added Value Services

In order to complete the mix of the services, our company provides extra services that are being suited to the costumer’s needs and include labeling, dismantling containers, flattening, packing merchandise, wrapping the merchandise in plastic wrap et. Cetera.

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