About Us

Zion Turgeman Ltd. is a private family company engaged in import, marketing and distribution of consumer products (Food, Non-Food, Near-Food) and specializes in the distribution to the biggest retail chains in Israel. The company is also the exclusive distributer of Israeli and International manufactures.

The company began back in 1979 as small business marketing and distributing food products. At that time Zion Turgeman was the first sales agent of the company and also the first driver of the company. Over the years the business grew and Zion was joined by his two brothers, Meir and Menahem Turgeman.

מוצרי המזון של ציון תורג'מן

Today the company operates in marketing and distribution to major retail chains in Israel such as “Shufersal”, “Mega”, “Co-Op Israel”, “Tiv Taam” and more. The company has a sale network spread throughout the country, taking care of our customers and products.

Zion Turgeman Ltd. imports and markets products in many categories and distributes them across the country. The company has an advanced logistics center located in the center of Israel, which is managed by a WMS (Warehouse Management System) that was built according to the needs of the company. The company’s products reach their destination on a daily bases with the company’s vehicles.

Zion Turgeman Ltd. has set itself values ​​such as Excellence, Quality and Customer Relations. Zion Turgeman Ltd. believe that the person should be in the center and as evidence, most of our employees have years of experience working in the company, because we believe that employees are part of the doing and therefore we develop and maintain the relationship between the employee and the company.